About The Team

Team Bios:

Jordan Lustik: Driver/Owner/Mechanic/Dad of Lauren and Jackson
Current Residence: Eighty Four, PA
Age 36

The driver of the Silver Bullet.  Jordan began his pulling at the age of 5 and has pulled in some form from that point on. From a John Deere garden tractor 318 thru currently the 4th generation Silver Bullet super stock tractor. Jordan’s first year piloting the Silver Bullet, he was voted Grand National Rookie of the Year. From that point on, he has garnered 10 National Championships, 126 National Event wins, 4 National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) finals victories, multiple Bowling Green Rings and has been invited to drive the tractor in Europe. Jordan is also responsible for a lot of the engine work with a background in CNC operations.

Misty Lustik: Secretary/Motorhome driver/Mom of Lauren and Jackson
Current Residence: Eighty Four, PA
Age 35

As the glue of the family, when Misty is not keeping up with book keeping.  She finds time to help wherever is needed.  From cooking meals while at the events to driving the motor-home to and from events.  Misty also pulled with her father in the Four Wheel Drive Truck class for a number of years.

Rich Lustik: Owner/Mechanic/Dad of Jordan
Current Residence: Eighty Four, PA
Age 66

Rich began his pulling career in 1972, pulling stock tractors.  He started with an AC D-21 and won many state titles in various weight class in the Modified Stock class.  In the winter of 1980, he built a Super Stock called “Super Steeler” with 4 turbos and a 426 cubic inch power plant.  He ran initially ran “Super Steeler” on the state and regional circuits, and in 1994, he started competing on the national level.  In 1995, the first Silver Bullet was introduced and was an alcohol burning machine.  In the first year, he won the National Championship in the Super Stock class and was invited to pull in Europe as well.  Rich and Jordan continue to strive trying to better the tractor every year in hopes of another Championship.

Lauren Lustik: Daughter of Jordan and Misty
Age 6

Lauren goes to every pull to cheer on her dad and loves to play with her friends from around the country.

Jackson Lustik: Son of Jordan and Misty
Age 4

Jackson attends every pull ready to help his dad unstrap the tractor and unhook the winch cable.